How to run a meeting in ten easy steps

Have you ever dreaded going to a meeting? Does your mood drop every time the word “meeting” is mentioned? If done properly, meetings can be fun and productive. We will go over how to get there in ten easy steps.

Step 1: When to have a meeting?

Step 2: Who should be in the room?

Step 3: How to prepare an agenda?

Step 4: How to send an invite?

Step 5: How to prepare for a meeting?

The IT Crowd by Graham Linehan

Step 6: How to start a meeting?

Step 7: How to stay on track and have control of an audience?

Step 8: How to end on time?

Step 9: How to assign action items?

Step 10: How to follow up with meeting minutes?

Photo by from Pexels

These are ten steps that I follow to have a great meeting experience. Of course there are more tips and tricks out there to have fun in the meetings. Please let me know what you do in the comments below.



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Andrey Safonov

Head of Product and Developer Advocate @PDFTron. BASc in Computer Engineering with a minor in Business Management.